Rehad Desai

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Rehad is one of Africa’s leading documentarians. Resident of Johannesburg, he has directed and produced numerous feature length documentaries, many of which have seen international broadcast, theatrical release, festival prizes and critical acclaim.

His recent films include Miners Shot Down, a synthesis of Rehad’s skills as a filmmaker and experience as an activist. The film has garnered 28 international awards including an International EMMY for documentary (2015). Time of Pandemics looks at the emergence of the rash of pandemics over the past 40 years in an attempt to gauge the key factors driving such events. This follows his prior to work, How To Steal A Country and Everything Must Fall, both of which entertainingly illuminate the myriad of challenges South Africa faces.

He is currently in early production with his new film Capturing Water, that is a deep dive into the water and sanitation crisis in Cape Town. He is also series director on Hot Spot, a six part documentary series, that looks at the climate crisis through the eyes of six Southern African climate justice activists.


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