Osahon Akpata

Role at the 2024 DFM Event:



Osahon Akpata is a pan-African banker and leader with experience in management consulting, business development and strategic partnerships. He is Head, CANEX Creations Inc., a division at Afreximbank that focuses on intellectual property investments in creative industries across Africa.

Prior to joining Afreximbank, Osahon led the small and medium sized enterprise (SME), retail payments, and strategic partnerships units at Ecobank Group, across its 33-country network in Africa. Previously, he led the implementation practice at McKinsey & Company, collaborating with executives across sectors. His advisory firm supported successful projects in film & television, publishing, music and the visual arts. A published author since age 11, Osahon’s work has appeared in Essence, Forbes, Vogue Italia and other media outlets.

Osahon holds an MBA in Media Management from Columbia University and a Diploma in Documentary Filmmaking from Sundance Collab.



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