Londiwe Shange

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Londiwe Shange is an award winning filmmaker with accolades in acting, writing and producing, furthermore she is also a film director and owns the production company Sinairo Creatives based in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. Her dream is to create an industry in KZN that is ethical and economically viable for the province as it needs to be seen as the storytelling hub of Africa. As the first Vice Secretary in KZN for the South African Guild of Actors’ she has advocated for ethical practices in the industry for actors nationally and provincially.

She spends most of time conjuring up narratives in her head and uses the scenarios that she finds entertaining as monologues at auditions. Londiwe loves cooking but not literally, she loves cooking up stories that will be palatable for the African audience, otherwise you might find her in the kitchen burning real food for her family who are not always keen to taste her meals most of the time because they are always burnt, her excuse? She is always distracted by the next big, crazy idea in her busy brain.


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