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Mr. James Smart is an experienced journalist, prime-time television anchor, and talk-show host based in Nairobi. He is the founder of K-Youth Media, a nonprofit organization based in Nairobi that provides media skills and journalism training for youth living in urban slums. He assumes the role of Editor-at-Large at Tazama World Media, a Kenyan based organization that covered stories from low-income neighborhoods by hiring and training journalists who are also embedded within the same communities.

This type of bold journalism was a first in Kenya, it unearthed unrealized effects that were being experienced in these neighborhoods especially when the pandemic hit. It created a feedback loop mechanism that enabled the local governments discern which areas were in need or urgent and immediate attention. It made a massive impact to the extent that traditional media took note and they too started operating on this scale.

He has worked with the BBC to produce its “Focus on Africa” broadcast, a flagship TV news program that highlights stories from across the African continent. He has also worked extensively with Kenya’s leading TV stations, including Kenyan Television Network and Nation Television. Most notably, he successfully launched two of the country’s top television shows, #TheTrend and #KTNLivewire, which integrate social media platforms such as Twitter to enable viewers to engage directly with the hosts of each program. As part of his media work, Mr. Smart has focused on exposing police brutality, corruption, and injustice, and has been committed to telling the stories of minorities and other disadvantaged groups, including youth. Most recently, he has been appointed as Group Podcast editor- at Nation Media Group, the largest media house in East and Central Africa.

This role recognizes the fast growing media of audio in Africa audiences and Mr Smart’s role include spearheading longform journalism in key thematic areas such as corruption, governance, and politics. James Smart is currently the Managing Editor, Newsroom Productions at NMG covering newspaper, TV, and new media newsroom operations.


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