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Panorama Films & Breathe Films

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Panorama Films & Breathe Films

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Panorama Films will be 60 yrs old next year. A company I took over from my father. It is now mainly used as a service vehicle for new films and has a large South African archive collection. I have been working as a filmmaker for over 30 years as editor, projection designer, producer and director in documentary, fiction films, film art installations, opera, live shows and television. Breathe Films' most recent film is the award winning documentary "Dying For Gold' which continues to screen at festivals across the world and is a fundamental part of the impact campaign 'Justice For Miners' which developed out of the film making. Panorama Films holds a rich archive of footage from South Africa and the region - covering travel, nature, life, sport, politics, people, covering the late 50's until the early 90's.

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