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Kethiwe works at the intersection of broadcasting, Film & TV production, story development (feature films and TV series and serials) and audio-visual education. She ran her own company Fuzebox from 1997 to 2004, produced four Children’s and youth drama series, and directed six documentaries. In 2004, She became the inaugural Head of Drama in SABC’s new Content Hub. She is acclaimed for the outstanding contribution and expertise that she brought to this role, which changed the face of South African TV Drama. The department during her tenure won several awards both locally (120 SAFTA’s) and internationally, including Banff, Ros’dor, Festival de Reims, FASPACO and twice nominated for International Emmy’s. After six successful years, she resigned from the SABC to pursue her passion for film production as the Producer and CEO of Fuzebox, and she has subsequently produced three critically acclaimed television drama series, a docu-realty series and five feature films. She is currently developing feature films and series and is has just received a special mention for her film 1001Days at Sheffield doc fest and is directing her second hybrid documentary feature.

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