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Company Profile: Red Ibis Education NPC Red Ibis Education (NPC) is a non-profit company dedicated to the development and transformation of South African formal and informal education, primarily focusing on (but not limited to) creative and audio-visual media including film, television, animation, multi-disciplinary artforms, and emerging audio-visual forms. The company offers services such as industry and educational research, programme and materials development, educational programme delivery, skills development, partnership brokering, consulting services, strategy development, and advocacy. The company Directors are Sarienne Kersh, Mandisa Gumbi Jansen van Veuren, and Mocke Jansen van Veuren. They share decades of broad experience in both production and education within the creative audio-visual field, and have developed, taught and and managed qualifications, curricula and learning programmes for universities, SETAs, private institutions and community settings, as well as consulting for government entities such as the NFVF and provincial Film Commissions. Contact details: [email protected]

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