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ABOUT STAINED GLASS TV Stained Glass TV is a leading TV and film production company that produces high-quality content for both local and international markets. Stained Glass is South Africa largest TV production company, by revenue & number of hours produced. Our content reaches over 10 million viewers per day, across multiple TV and digital channels. With a team that is dedicated to creating exceptional content that entertains, informs, and inspires audiences around the world. Stained Glass TV We are the only producers in Africa whose had 4 long running dramas, on 4 different networks - DURBAN GEN (18h30 on eTV), UZALO (20h30 on SABC 1), LINGASHONI (21h30 on 1Magic) & THE WIFE (streaming on Showmax) running simultaneously and have broken multiple records. 1.1 AWARDS 8 x SA Film & Television Awards (SAFTA) 12 x Simon Mabhunu Awards 3 x Sunday Times Generation Next Awards 2 x DStv Mzansi Viewers' Choice Awards 1.2 DAILY DRAMA SERIES Uzalo is a provocative, bold and authentic soap opera that depicts the complicated lives of the residents of KwaMashu, KZN. Uzalo is currently in its 9th season airing on SABC 1 and has been South Africa’s most watched television show since 2015 currently averaging 8 million viewers per episode. Uzalo has broken the South African TV record for the most viewers in a single episode (11,4 million), previously held by the 1980s BBC/SABC co-production, Shaka Zulu. Durban Gen is a daily medical drama created for eTV set in one of eThekwini's largest public hospitals, Durban Gen Hospital. Durban Gen follows the trials, tribulations, triumphs, heartbreaks, betrayals and bonds experienced by the staff of Durban Gen and the patients who come through their doors looking for help, refuge and health. Season 1 launched in October 2020, and hit the two million viewership milestone in just two months of being on air. Season 2 launched in October 2022 and reached a record 7.2 Audience Ratings equating to 2.7 million viewers. As a result, Season 2 was extended with the storyline taking place 5 years later. Page 4 of 2 Lingashoni is a daily drama that tells the tumultuous tale of Mandla. After 10 years of living a humble farm worker life, Mandla, gets his memory back and returns to his home in Soweto to claim the glamourous life that he once had, without realising that it was his wife Puleng, who attempted to kill him. Lingashoni Season 1 launched on 1Magic (an MNET channel) in April 2021 and Season 2 launched in April 2022. 1.3 LIMITED SERIES eHostela is multi award winning 13-part series for MNET, inspired by Inkabi, infamous assassins that hail from rural KwaZulu Natal. Set in the heart of KwaMashu township, eHostela tackles the story of two sons whose bond is bound in secrets and sealed by guns. Mndeni, one of the sons falls deeply in love however, there is a dark cloud following them. Mndeni wants to leave the assassin club, he is then tasked to one last job. Unbeknownst to Mndeni, he is tasked to kill his lover's father. Season 1 launched January 2019 and racked up 16 nominations and 6 wins at the Simon Mabhunu Sabela Film and Television Awards and the South African Film and Television Awards. 13-part series for MNET. A multi award wining period piece set in pre-colonial Southern Africa. Ifalakhe Ifalakhe is the story of the powerful Okuhle tribe who wage war against the Khanya people who have been raiding their cattle and killing their women and children. What makes the situation even more complex is that Khombindlela, the Okuhle king, finds his tribe on the brink of suffering harsh repercussions from a prophecy that hangs over his head declaring that one son is his rightful heir and the other evil, the king has an impossible decision to make. Season 1 launched October 2019 and accumulated multiple nominations and 2 wins at the South African Film and Television Awards. Currently in production & streaming on *Showmax (November 2021 – June 2022). The Wife is an adaptation of the successful ‘Hlomu The Wife’ book series authored by former journalist turned celebrated author, Dudu Busani-Dube. The 120-episode Page 5 of 2 series is officially the most streamed local drama series in the history of streaming in South Africa. *(Showmax is a streaming service owned by Pan African Pay TV broadcaster MNET and is Netflix’s main competitor in Africa). The Wife and it’s cast has received multiple awards and nomination 1.4 INTERNATIONAL An international producing credit for Pirates; a scripted reality series shot in Belize, Miami, and Los Angeles; distributed by Red Arrow.

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