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Atman media is Johannesburg based production centred around novel storytelling and female empowerment by placing women in key decisions making processes both behind and infant of the camera. We are driven to tell stories that are unique and capable of driving a media hub that is innovative focused on the conceptual and developmental phase of cutting edge projects. We presently work predominantly in Asia and the Middle East with several projects on our slate including The Queue, Ihiri, Acts of Man and The Day and Night of Brahma. We are centred on developing strategic partnerships in emerging markets while maintaining an interest in mainstream avenues of production and exhibition. We think of our production company more of a think tank that sets up strategic relationships for women and people of color rather than traditional production house everything is still framed to build a log term working relationship with partners of interest. Atman is the Sanskrit term for ‘the seat of the Soul’ as an expression of our commitment to creativity and ingenuity.  Sheetal Magan is an emerging Independent producer working from Johannesburg who has had training in writing and directing from the South African School of Motion Picture and an MA in Visual and Media Anthropology from HMKW Berlin. She has a specific commitment to working on projects that a focused on ‘cultural corridors’ between Africa, the middle -east and South Asia reflected in her slate of projects

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