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Jerry is a renowned entrepreneur having founded multiple companies. One of them is OTESA Civil Engineering, a local company that focuses on road and highway construction, rehabilitation, upgrading, operations and maintenance, and railway infrastructure. Under Jerry’s stewardship, OTESA Civil Engineering has undertaken many notable projects and become one of Namibia's leading civil contractors. The company has become the fastest-growing company in Namibia in procurement and construction and has spread its wings across Namibia in a relatively short space of time. Jerry also owns OTESA Energy Projects, a company devoted to renewable and sustainable energy. Becoming the first company to be awarded a license under the Single Buyer Model Framework (MSB) of the Namibian government and the first company to be on the grid under the MSB, OTESA Energy Projects is fast becoming the leader in the renewable energy space and a key contributor to the decarbonization of the globe. He is now bringing this vast experience in business, professional consultancy, and academia to film production and creative writing. Partnering with one of the most noteworthy and leading film producers in Namibia, Vickson Hangula, he was the Executive Producer of “Zula Boyz”, a local comedy feature film that premiered in Namibia.The result of this partnership is the creation of DEVIne Film Production, a company that wants to distinguish itself from the rest by making sure it creates a slate of high-value feature films and television productions. Together with another renowned filmmaker, Desiree Kahikopo Meiffret, DEVIne is sure to become the company of choice, not only for creating and producing its own films but for hosting national and international filmmakers and production companies. Jerry’s experience in business and institutional strengthening, DEVIne is surely poised to become a brand of choice. Under Jerry’s stewardship, DEVIne Film Production is fast becoming a unique, distinctive, and powerhouse in Film Making and TV Production in Namibia.

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