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Mirri Pictures is a scriptwriting hub; the company also offers production services for film where all the work is executed by industry professionals to create new products within the film industry. Vision: To produce fiction and non-fiction feature film content that will engage audiences to generate sustainable revenue through sales, sponsorship and advertising. Mission: To become a self-sufficient and profit-generating producer of feature films without reliance on government funding. Description of Services: •Production Services: Facilitation co-productions, setting up productions, Line Producing, crewing services, casting services, basic equipment for short films & web content, Production coordinating, access to Directors, Pre-Production and Production / actual filming process. •Research and Development: Taking ideas from concept stage, to research, develop, validate cultural practices, cultural backgrounds and languages before a script can be written. •Script:  Script Writing: Story structure, character building, story outlines, feature film scripting from Draft 1 to the final shooting draft.  Script Editing: We offer script editing services to get a script ready to shoot. •Script Translations and Subtitles:  Script: Zulu, Xhosa and English (preferred Final Draft and Celtx)  Subtitles: Zulu, Xhosa and English (available in Final Cut and Adobe)

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