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Azania Rizing

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Azania Rizing Productions main objective is to establish a safe space that inspires young people by telling stories about Afrika and the Afrikan Diaspora at large, including teaching about Afrika’s legacy in world heritage to revive political consciousness and honor the struggle of our foremothers and fathers. Our team and collaborators at Azania Rizing Productions consist of people who push forward progressive and critical forward-thinking ideas in the fields of political science, architecture, urban planning, musicology, history, anthropology, and science. Additionally, we collaborate with social movements doing amazing work like; Sonke Gender Justice, Surplus Peoples Project, South Africa History Online, Rhodes Must Fall, Reclaim the City, Cop Watch NYC, Black Lives Matter, and FLM Brazil. And, institutional collaborations with the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, South African Human Right Commission, Thabo Mbeki Foundation, Urban-Think Thanks, Oprah Winfrey Foundation, University of Cape Town,University of Pennsylvania, University of São Paulo, Brown University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Toronto. With a feature and documentary slate currently in different phases of production, we are excited to connect with industry professionals at DFM.

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