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Through their production company, BTG Productions, Stephen Nagel & Dean Ravell have produced a number of short films, and written several television and feature film scripts that are currently in development. As classically trained screenwriters, their focus is on developing authentic character-driven stories that explore the human condition in captivating ways. BTG Productions films include Day Zero, Breathe Easy (DETOUR) which was part of a collective global effort to break a world record, MIA&I, a crowdfunded grounded sci-fi film, while Protégé, the latest film by the duo centres on a discussion around GBV and the justice system in South Africa. Stephen & Dean have a number of award-winning scripts including World Without End & GBV, as well as MIA&I, Arthouse, Watching Over You, Homebody, and Fresh Face Society. Between them they have twelve screenwriting award nominations and multiple wins and have proven they can compete internationally as well, with placement in the 2020 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest. Fiercely independent with a strong work ethic, Stephen and Dean have been crowdfunding and producing films on their own for years, operating as writers and directors, and often producers for these projects as well. They have a strong belief that cinema is a powerful tool for building connections between people from all over the world through universal stories. That’s why they named their company Bridging the Gap Productions (or BTG productions). It is their ultimate vision to showcase the power of truly authentic stories to the world, and show that as human beings, we’re not so different, regardless of where we come from. Stephen and Dean are creators who are eager to tell great stories, and are eager to access the resources required to take their filmmaking to the next level and get their stories in front of bigger audiences.

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