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LuvNative is a dynamic entertainment company with a primary focus on delivering captivating and enriching content for children. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to fostering imagination, LuvNative strives to create engaging experiences that inspire young minds and ignite their love for creativity. Our flagship project, Danger, marks our debut in the world of animation and storytelling. Danger is an exciting animated show and graphic novel series that follows the adventures of a young superhero navigating the challenges of growing up while using their unique abilities to protect their community. With Danger, we aim to captivate young audiences and provide them with empowering narratives that promote courage, resilience, and inclusivity. As we embark on the production of volume 1 of the Danger graphic novel, we are dedicated to crafting a visually stunning and emotionally resonant story that will transport readers into a world where imagination knows no bounds. With a talented team of writers, artists, and animators, we are committed to delivering a high-quality graphic novel that will captivate children and adults alike. At LuvNative, we believe in the power of children's entertainment to shape young minds, instill important values, and foster a love for storytelling. Through our projects, we aim to provide meaningful and inspiring experiences that not only entertain but also educate and empower the next generation. Join us on this exciting journey as we bring Danger to life and create a world of imagination, adventure, and endless possibilities for children around the globe. Stay tuned for updates, as we have many more thrilling projects in store to spark the imagination and wonder of young audiences.

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