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EarCandy Dubbing Studios

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As local and global content owners look to Africa as a profitable growth market to extend the value chain of existing content, they are rapidly discovering that language localization is the key to a successful monetization strategy. EarCandy produced more than 20 000 hours of content localization, in 28 key African languages including English, French and Portuguese, in all genres from kids programming to drama, reality to movies and a variety of fact based formats. From a single studio in 2004, we now boast 15 recording rooms, 10 mixing suites, 5 QC Stations, 2 permanent music recording studios and fully operational translation and subtitling departments. We do everything in-house, working with professional talent that we have trained to meet our rigorous quality standards. This enables us to produce high quality, large volume localized programming, often into multiple languages simultaneously. With EarCandy’s nearly 20 years of experience and unrivalled African languaging expertise, we are your single point of contact solution for dubbing, postproduction, voice-over, subtitles, access and media services for the continent. With greater scale, knowledge, technology, and creative skill than any Language Services Provider in Africa, we enable you to monetize your content by reaching new audiences authentically, cost effectively and on time.

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