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Storyscope is inspired by personal and political revolutions that generate once-in-a-lifetime culture shifts. We are motivated to unlock the potential of both emerging and proven South African storytellers and nurture a creative space where exciting ideas are given every opportunity to thrive. Storyscope is comfortable working across content genres, cultures and time zones and is passionate about supporting authentic African voices that challenge stereotypes. Storyscope launched in 2022 Netflix’s first True Crime Series in Africa, “SENZO: MURDER OF A SOCCER STAR”, exploring the quest for finding the truth about the murder of one of South Africa’s most cherished sons. Trending No 1 in South Africa for weeks the series put a spotlight on the raw emotions that exist in a space where the truth is impossible to find when everyone has something to hide. Storyscope’s most recent feature documentary, a South African/Canadian co-produced documentary, “INFLUENCE” a global-trotting political thriller in a time where democracy is up for sale, competed in official competition at Sundance 2020 and is currently available on multiple streaming platforms globally. The film won the best South African Documentary at Durban International Film Festival in 2020. Storyscope is currently in production on “HALO DAZE” a psychological thriller diving deep into the fault lines where class, race and power collide. An official South Africa/German co-production financed by US-based Studio SKGlobal, MedienBord Berlin MBB and Regional Leipzig MDM, M-Net and NFVF, the film is a classic example of what can happen when a powerful story intersects with global finance. Storyscope is fearless in its approach to taking both its fiction and non-fiction stories to local and global audiences, fully comfortable in that magical space where art, business and digital screens intersect.

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