Cynthia Brutus

Role at the 2024 DFM Event:



From Market Monitoring to Sales and Contract Management, Cynthia has assuredly embraced the multiple facets of the audiovisual industry for over 14 years. Her skillset in content distribution has led to a cross over to English Speaking Africa, Diaspora Channels, Indian Ocean Islands, USA and Europe as well as VOD platforms and inflight with a network that has expands globally.

As Head of Sales within Cote Ouest Audiovisuel (Mediawan Africa), Cynthia oversees all operations related to the distribution of content to the different types of broadcasters (linear and nonlinear) within East & South Africa, Indian Ocean Region & Inflights agencies. In so doing, Cynthia fervently aims at expanding and maintaining positive, long-lasting connections across the industry.


Cynthia Brutus

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