What is Filmmart.Africa?

Filmmart.Africa is an online platform for film professionals to connect, present new projects, and access resources and support. The platform aims to provide up-to-date, trusted business information that will help the industry collaborate and develop. 


Filmmart.Africa Vision

To be the online premier business hub of the African film industries in a world where African film industry professionals and products are globally competitive and celebrated.


Filmmart.Africa Mission

  • A database of film professionals on the continent.
  • A platform for connection, sharing of resources, presentation of film projects, and collaborations.
  • Extended online support for projects in development to meet industry representatives.
  • A space for industry representatives can track the progress of film projects in development.


What can I do on Filmmart.Africa?

  • Find People

          Looking for empowering connections? Find your team through Filmmart.Africa and connect with the world.

  • Find Companies

          Looking to unlock opportunities? Filmmart.Africa is your gateway to real companies and services for your success.

  • Find Projects

          What’s happening in the African film industry right now? See projects, follow their progress, and unite with like-minded people.

  • Resources

          Want to learn the tricks of the trade and get up-to-date information and resources? Find resources, funding opportunities, news, and more. 


Filmmart.Africa is powered by the Durban FilmMart Institute as a database of the film industry representatives and film projects.

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