Clare Louis

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After living abroad for 18 years, Clare returned to South Africa in 2014 to complete a MA in Digital Arts [3D-Animation] at Wits University. Over the next 3 years, she progressed through the ranks from post-production supervisor to Assistant Producer at Coal Stove Pictures in Johannesburg overseeing animation and live-action projects developed within the company. Clare is now the owner of Katanimate Animation Studio, currently the largest 3D animation studio based in her home town of Durban in Kwazulu-Natal. Katanimate has completed several 3D animated short films and is presently in production on Season 1 of their preschool show, “Knittyville” (2025), licensed by the SABC.

Clare is passionate about growing the budding animation industry in KZN and has inducted interns and trainees locally as well as held lecturing positions at institutions in Durban to that end. She is also able to leverage the networks she built while regularly attending the big animation markets and tech conferences for her animation projects. Clare’s ample experience ranging from creation & development of projects, script-writing, presenting concepts to broadcasters. She competently manages teams to bring in projects on budget and on time which has led to funding by the KZNFC, NFVF, NAC, GIZ and KZNEDTEA. Clare is an active member of AnimationSA and the Writer’s Guild of South Africa.


Katanimate Animation Studio

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