Angus Davidson

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Mr Angus Davidson having worked in the IT Development Industry for Internet Solutions and subsequently Dimension Data joined Prof Christo Doherty to create the WITS Digital Arts Department in 2003. He has been the tech leader and the person who has guided the department from the original 20 Student to the now nearly 400 that the department has today. He has taught the 3D Animation program at a time when the industry was still young.

While he then moved on to focus more on the technical and strategic elements for the department, he has remained very involved both with the animation and the newer games design degree. He is completing his Masters dealing with photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction of a damaged San rock art site. Currently his focus is on integrating Epic’s Unreal engine into the curriculum at Digital Arts in an effort to take advantage of the creative power that it gives animation, gaming, VR and Virtual Production.


University of Witwatersrand Digital Arts

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