Jackie Motsepe

Role at the 2024 DFM Event:



Jackie Motsepe is a focused Film and Television executive with the demonstrated ability to organise work, establish priorities and delegate tasks to meet service delivery requirements. Her passion is in the coaching, mentoring and empowerment of team members to achieve the best results for the sector.

She is skilled in communicating to meet performance and productivity requirements while ensuring compliance with policies and regulations. She values business partnerships and appreciates the value of stakeholders and networks forged at a local and global level in pursuing a common vision. Proven expertise in Industry and business development as well as project and operational management.

Having acquired vast knowledge and experience in the film and television industry over 28 years, she has appreciated the opportunity to build start-up institutions from inception, position the local industry in the global market and implement strategic programmes of a transformative nature. Having lived in at least 8 countries around the world, she appreciates and understands the value of diversity and how it can have a positive impact on growth and prosperity in business. This has proven to be valuable in the international work that I have done.

Motsepe has developed and implemented a range of marketing initiatives that have built the brand of the organisations that I have served. The marketing programmes she has implemented have made South Africa become a recognised destination at leading industry events such as the Cannes, Rotterdam, Berlin, and Toronto film festivals. At the local level, Motsepe has worked on a range of developmental initiatives across the country, as well as building a regional film commission in one of the major provinces in the country. I have been intentional in understanding the local needs and being adaptive to changing priorities when there has been a clear demonstration of growth.


The KwaZulu-Natal Tourism and Film Authority

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