Yazz The Student is a multifaceted creative who within his young career has taken on multiple hats as a filmmaker, content creator, blogger, podcaster, festival & content curator. He is the co-founder of media organizations, Enraptured Odyssey & BAI Foundation. Yazz has launched multiple platforms which seek to bring more attention to the work happening within the youth and indie sector on platforms like radio, online publications, podcasts and festivals. Highlights include: Next Gen Greats: An entertainment publication that has been read in over 130 territories worldwide. BAI Showcase: A youth festival spotlighting digital content creators & performing artists within our indie sector. What’s Hot On The Screen: A film, TV & Web-series segment that ran on YFM from 2019 – 2021. Afriquan Film: A podcast & online movie club that explores African cinema through the eyes of its practitioners All That Yazz: An entertainment podcast analysing and creating conversation around our entertainment industry.


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