Meghna Singh


Meghna Singh is a visual artist with a PhD in visual anthropology from the University of Cape Town. Working with mediums of video, installation and virtual reality, blurring boundaries between documentary and fiction, she creates immersive environments highlighting issues of ‘humanism’. Specializing in the field of arts research her work focuses on the theme of critical motilities, oceanic studies, migration, capitalism, historical and contemporary. She recently completed a post-doctoral fellowship on a project titled ECOHES European Colonial Heritage Modalities in Entangled Cities. Her most recent work, Container: Witness the invisibilised, a VR 180 project, co-directed with documentary film maker Simon Wood, premiered at the International Venice Film Festival and has shown at the BFI London Film festival and the Tribeca Film Festival. She has been awarded numerous research and work grants: National Geographic Explorers Grant 2019-2020, Welcome Trust U.K, Oriental Foundation Lisbon, Pro- Helvetica Johannesburg and the British Council.


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