Ingrid Kopp


Ingrid Kopp is a co-founder of Electric South in South Africa, a non-profit organisation working with interdisciplinary artists across Africa to develop, produce and distribute immersive work. In this role, she produces and facilitates an annual residential lab, and is an executive producer on award winning VR projects, including The Other Dakar, Le Lac, Azibuye – The Ocupation, and Container. Along with MIT’s Open DocLab and Dot Connector Studio, she produces Immerse, a monthly publication on emerging nonfiction storytelling. She is co-chair of the World Economic Forum Global Council on Virtual and Augmented Reality. Until 2020 Ingrid curated the Tribeca Storyscapes programme for interactive and immersive work at the Tribeca Film Festival. Before moving back to South Africa in 2015 Ingrid was director of the Interactive Department at the Tribeca Film Institute. She started her career at Channel 4 Television in the UK.


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