Moreetsi Gabang

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From Botswana, Moreetsi Gabang has emerged as a talented writer and director. His passion for storytelling was ignited while living in Addis Ababa when an inspiring guidance counsellor posed the question of his life’s purpose. From that moment, Moreetsi’s journey as a filmmaker began to unfold. With a background in writing and directing, Moreetsi’s expertise in the film industry has flourished. He graduated valedictorian from AFDA Johannesburg, and has since accumulated a list of notable achievements and recognition. As a Talents Durban 2017, Talents Berlinale 2018, 2021-2022 DFM Institute Business, and a DFM Jumpstart 2023 alumni, Moreetsi’s talent and dedication have been widely acknowledged. His short film “Motswakwa” (Foreigner) even earned a nomination for Best Short Film at the African Movie Academy Awards, further solidifying his prowess as a filmmaker. Additionally, Moreetsi is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Bessie Head Literature Award. With a filmmaking style rooted in an arthouse sensibility and a commitment to socially relevant themes, Moreetsi sets himself apart from other emerging filmmakers. He constantly seeks to push boundaries and offers a working environment that promotes collaboration and skills development. His work is influenced by a simple mantra: “Don’t be boring.”


Moreetsi Gabang


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