Lwazi Duma

Lwazi Duma


Lwazi Duma is a South African filmmaker with a passion for storytelling. From his early days as a songwriter, Lwazi transitioned into the realm of visual narratives, a journey that has spanned over a decade. His talent and dedication have earned him numerous awards and recognition for his thought-provoking short films and documentaries. As a facilitator for the Writer’s Guild of South Africa and an instructor at the Garden Route Film Festival, Lwazi has shared his expertise and inspired aspiring filmmakers. One of his achievements includes producing the compelling documentary “Lesotho: The Weeping Motherland,” which shed light on the impact of climate change on agriculture. The documentary garnered prestigious awards, including the Climate Change Awareness Award at the Africa Human Rights Film Festival and the Best Documentary at the Umgungundlovu Film Festival. With a simple yet impactful filmmaking style, Lwazi incorporates high-concept storytelling infused with an authentic African and South African essence. He meticulously crafts internal story arcs, delving into the characters’ journeys and immersing audiences in captivating narratives.


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