Chidi Nwaogu


Chidi Nwaogu is a serial tech entrepreneur and software developer. He founded, grew, and sold two successful tech startup companies before he turned 24, including LAGbook, a social network that garnered over one million registered users within three years and was acquired by a Canadian tech company in 2013. Today, Nwaogu is a co-founder at Publiseer, one of the largest digital content distribution companies in Africa, as described by Konbini. Publiseer has helped over 8,000 independent African creatives, including filmmakers, writers, musicians, and video game developers, living in low-income and disadvantaged communities to earn above the minimum wage and live above the poverty line from the sales of their creative works. Nwaogu is the winner of the Migration Entrepreneurship Prize 2020, Africa’s Business Heroes Prize 2021, the Africa 35.35 Award 2019 for Entrepreneurship, the Young Leaders Award 2019 for Media and Entertainment, and the Bizz Business Excellence Award 2019.


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