V’S SECRET – Review by Timothy Niwamanya

TWO MEN AND A THONG In Bassma Nancy Farah’s 12-minute dark comedy short film, V’s Secret, the character of Adam (played by Maher Gamal) is a newly-wed twenty-something living with his wife in a Cairo apartment.  Early in the film, his wife is away at work as he hangs the laundry while in-conversation with her. […]

Mamelodi – Review by Tony Asankomah

Mamelodi – A Timeline of Heroes – cultural significance of Mamelodi and its heroes covered by the darkness of history. “Mamelodi: A Timeline of Heroes” is a short documentary by Lebo Magolego that delves into the history and cultural significance of Mamelodi, a township in South Africa that has been home to Africans for centuries.  […]

MASINGA THE CALLING – Review by Youssra el-Sharkawy

Masinga The Calling blends crime, mystery and black magic Despite living far away from his homeland, Masinga’s past is still haunting him, especially when this past is full of questions without answers. These questions were revived when he got the chance to come back to his homeland. Directed by Mark Engels, Masinga The Calling is  […]

Month End – Review by Tony Asankomah

A cautionary tale of friends, choices and self-accountability. “Month End” is an interesting comedy set in a rural township in South Africa, where poverty, vices, and hardships are part of daily life. The story revolves around Lesego, an unemployed young woman in her late 20s, living with her grandmother in their tin house.  The film, […]

BANNED – Review by Timothy Niwamanya

IN SEARCH OF SOUTH AFRICA’S CENSORED PAST The concerted push for more-inclusive story-telling that gives visibility to disenfranchised sections of society is a central tenet of the global contemporary creative zeitgeist. This is helping in the undoing of decades of omission and misrepresentation of many marginalised communities in the arts. Naledi Bogacwi’s documentary feature film, […]

Durban FilmMart Institute Announces the Programme’s Thematic Content for DFM 2024

The theme for DFM 2024, African Visions Unleashed: From Disruption to Accountability, reflects the urgency and necessity for change in a world where mechanisms, structures, norms, and ideals are constantly evolving. The event, scheduled from 19 – 22 July 2024 in Durban, creates a space for advancement as film professionals engage on what the industry […]


 Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st July 2024 Afreximbank has deployed the Creative Africa Nexus Programme to facilitate the development and growth of the creative and cultural industries in Africa and the diaspora. The programme provides a range of financing and non-financing interventions to support Africa’s production, trade and investment in creative assets and development of […]

London Recruits – Review by Tony Asankomah

Unsung Heroes Who Fought Apartheid. “London Recruits,” directed by Gordon Main, is a compelling documentary that delves into an often overlooked chapter of the anti-apartheid movement. Based on the book “London Recruits,” the film recounts the courageous efforts of several individuals from London who were recruited to support the African National Congress (ANC) in their […]

Temperature Rising – Review by Youssra el-Sharkawy

African activities fight against climate change at Temperature Rising “Africa produces less greenhouse gases than any other continent, but faces some of the worst impacts of the climate crisis”. With  this brief phrase, the documentary Temperature Rising summarizes its idea as it tackles how climate change is affecting different parts of Africa. Directed by the […]

CAPE-HELENA – Review by Timothy Niwamanya

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A SAINT? Picking up a camera to tell a story requires a considerable degree of courage on the part of afilmmaker. It requires an even greater level of vulnerability and introspection to turn that camera onyourself. Cape Helena, written and directed by first time documentary feature filmmaker DamianSean Samuels, […]

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