Keitumetse Lebaka

Role at the 2024 DFM Event:



Keitumetse Lebaka is the Chief Executive Officer of the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC), dedicated to developing and sustaining the Gauteng film economy. With extensive experience in both public and private sectors, she is a recognized leader in corporate South Africa. As a trained life coach, mentor, and MBA graduate, she is committed to uplifting the film industry, having overseen the funding of over 400 projects, creation of 21,000 jobs, and training of 30,000 learners at the GFC.

She also serves as Vice Chairperson of the Tshwane School of Business and Advisory Council and chairs the Sport, Arts, Culture, and Recreation Major Events. Prior to the GFC, she was the CEO of CATHSSETA, where she successfully executed comprehensive strategies.


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